Chris Grant
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“Chris Grant, Scotland’s singer-songwriter, is ready to make your event unforgettable with his stunning vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Book him now for your wedding or special occasion.”

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"Highland Serenade: A Scottish Artisan's Musical Gift for Your Celebrations"

I’ve honed my craft to bring the magic of our Celtic heritage to your special events. Whether it’s a wedding or a gathering, I cherish each opportunity to share my heartfelt tunes. Let this seasoned Scot create an unforgettable atmosphere with melodies that will captivate and transport your guests to the enchanting highlands.

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'Treading Water' Available for Purchase

Latest Albums

A collection of cheers, laughs, smiles and blues

Treading Water

Soul Album taking the listener on a breath taking journey through time & Space

The Road

This concept album tells the story of a singers' lifestyle as a barroom troubadour and comments on the dangers, loves and pitfalls that face him in his quest for true greatness. Fans of Chris Stapleton's album Traveler will love this.

Live at Rhivendell Vol. 1

To truly grasp the sheer richness of Chris' tone you have to see him live, well this album is the closest your gonna get to the real thing without him standing in the room with you.

Beautiful acoustic cover Lynyrd Skynyrd song Chris !!
Carlo Bell
This man works so hard to satisfy us . Respect
Aldo D
Great energy that shines through!
Promptly There

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